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Jane Likes to Read!

I read books…. lots and lots of books!  I have loved books from the beginning before I could even read.  I felt so special in 1st Grade reading Dick, Jane, and Sally books!  “See Jane run.  Jane can run.” In Elementary School,  I was the one who always gave the most book reports and was often found under the covers with my flashlight to finish the chapter after Mom yelled up the stairs, “Lights out!”   I recently fulfilled a dream to have a coffee shop and bookstore with the creation of The Oasis Christian Bookstore and Holy Grounds Coffee Shop, which I ran for 10 years.

I love the smell of books, the feel of books. I love to wander around bookstores and  libraries.  I buy books wherever I go, even at the airport when I travel!  I read all kinds of books:  inspirational, biographies, autobiographies, fiction and nonfiction, business, art, social media, leadership, and ‘how to’ books.  I love to learn.

It occurred to me that maybe all this reading might benefit someone else as well.  So I am beginning a blog called, “Jane Likes to Read!” to share book reviews, interesting links and websites, things I am listening to, thinking about, art and music.

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