I loved how Ryan combined the “Making” and the “Marketing” together in this book.  The Making section has to do with creating something great, but realizing that only comes with doing lots and lots of whatever it is!

This is a great quote by Austin Kleon:

“Lots of people want to be the noun without doing the verb.”

To be a writer/author, we must write.
To be an artist, we must make art.
To be a piano player, we must play.
To be a teacher, we must teach.
To be an inspirational speaker, we must speak.

So whatever is on YOUR heart to do,
Be encouraged to take action and DO IT TODAY!!

“It’s so amazing how even in small ideas that come from ordinary people there can be wisdom, beauty, and insight that if they put in the work might reap incredible rewards.”
                                                                                          Ryan Holiday

The 2nd section of the book is on Marketing and articulating what your project or vision is, what it does, how it helps people and who it is for.  Ryan offers some practical suggestions for a launch plan for your project that was very helpful.

So - What creative idea or project are YOU working on right now?

Please share below any comments and any good books YOU are reading now!

Blessings & Happy Reading!

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