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My Trip to Cambodia Ignites My Reading

Wow!  I was so affected by the 2 week exploratory trip to Cambodia.  To actually walk through “The Killing Fields” and the S21  Genocide Museum and to hear the testimonies and see the place where many were killed.  It is estimated 2 million people died during the time period of 1975-1979 under the Khmer Rouge.   I wept as I saw and heard and felt the horror and oppression of these people.  I was so grateful to meet one of the few survivors of S21, Chum Mey.  I was able to take his hand and look him in the eye and tell him how sorry I was for what he had been through and his family and his country.  We hugged and wept.  I bought his book to treasure his story.

Survivor: The triumph of an ordinary man in the Khmer Rouge genocide You tube of Chum Mey
I was also greatly affected by the ministry of Iris Cambodia there with the children and the families of the slums and with the rescue of children and women from the sex trafficking.  
Notice the polymer clay hearts on these dear girls…. I gave out 104 hearts to tell the girls and women in the bars and brothels and the slums that they are LOVED.  If you would like to help me prepare hearts to share for my September trip, please contact me or go HERE to my website.
When I returned home I continued to read and research about Cambodia:

and I watched the movie on Netflix   

I am also hosting a screen showing of the short film of the 10 year history of A21/Christine Cane’s ministry to end human trafficking.  
A21 10-YR
I want to invite you to come this Wednesday, June 13, 6 pm at the
Parkland House of Prayer in Bonne Terre, MO on the hill at Bonneville Plaza.
I will also share briefly what other ministries are doing as well as share what
I will be doing in September when I return to Cambodia.
You are important in the fight against slavery.  You can make a difference!
Let’s talk about it!
Some of the “You are Loved” hearts for the Have a Heart Campaign
will be available if you would like to participate in the “Buy 1 & Give 1.”

Blessings!  Let’s talk about books!


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