I Ran Across Another “One Word” Book!



I Ran Across Another “One Word” Book!!

I was listening to a Creative Warriors podcast on my way to my weekly class in Cape, and I listened to an interview of Evan Carmichael.  I got so pumped up I was trying to write down some things on a napkin while I was driving!!  LOL!  Then I realized he had a book, “Your One Word - The Powerful Secret to Creating a Business and Life that Matter.”

Now some of you know that part of my word I believe God gave me for 2017 was to Fast from excess/accumulation and that includes Books!  To read what I have and practice what I have already learned! To take Action in 2017!!

Here’s the audio of the message
I gave at Mercy & Truth Fellowship Church,
if you are interested!


ANYWAY, I talked it over with Kevin and bought the book as I had tried to take notes from the podcast and felt it was so pertinent to what I am believing to do in 2017!
YES!!!  The book was soooooo gooooood!  It is about getting focused on what your Core Belief is to help you focus your business, ministry, or life.  It asks questions to try to help you come to what that is.  Such as:  What makes you happy?  What is the connection between all those things?  What traits do you hate?  What is your constant?  Is this who you really are?  Then he goes over limiting beliefs.

Evan uses amazing examples and stories from other people and gives practical application to actually “DO IT”, not just read about it!

I am so excited to see that my ONE WORD for 2017 and this new understanding of My One Word, my core, converges.  I believe that Evan gives an amazing tool to create the business/ministry that I have been dreaming of and working toward.  I believe that you would really enjoy the book as well!

By the way, here is the podcast link too for you to be inspired by!

And here is a free download of “The Giant Slayers” by Leif Hetland

Giant Slayers

Happy Reading!




Discover Your “One Word” for 2017




I so loved the “One Word” Retreat last year at Selah Among the Hills.  We had such a good time hearing from God for our “One Word” for 2016 and time together using mixed-media to express that Word. My Word was “FLY.”

I looked at this Word often throughout the year and it certainly was a year of “Flying” and freedom into the things/dreams God has put on my heart.(ie. Mission trip to Thailand and Singapore with Randy Clark/Global Awakening to the Revive Asia Conference, 3 weeks in Les Cayes, Haiti with Catherine Roux , loving kids in the village feeding program, the hospital, and teaching 25 street boys some new skills to help create sustainable income.  We are also moving forward with the Healing Rooms to have the first Thursday of the month open to the public for prayer and mobile teams to go out to pray for others on the other Thursdays.  I also have continued to use art with the residents at Camelot Nursing Home.)

So what is your One Word for 2017?  I found a book that uses this concept.  It is “One Word that Will Change Your Life.”

” Each year resolutions are rarely kept and goals are often easily forgotten but One Word sticks.  By living a single word that is meant for you, you’ll find renewed purpose and meaning throughout the year and achieve laserlike focus and power for your life.  ONE WORD FOR ONE YEAR.”

The Process is 3 steps:
1.  Prepare Your Heart - Look In.  Disengage from the hectic pace of life.  Unplug.  Stop.  Get Quiet.  Ask “What do I need?” “What’s in my way?”  “What needs to go?”

2.  Discover Your Word - Look Up.  Plug in to God.  Seek God.  Listen.  Ask Him - “What do you want to do in me and through me?”  He will reveal youR word to you.  Get a “God” word.

3.  Live Your Word - Look Out.  Apply your Word to every area of life.  Take Action.  Live your Word with purpose and passion every day in 2017!  This one Word can have spiritual, physical, emotional, relational, mental, and financial impact!

Read the book.  Visit www.GetOneWord.com

And join me on a cyber retreat - “One Word 2017”!! Stay tuned for the details!

2017 is going to be a year of



Here are some interesting free downloads:

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