Tell a Better Story

Tell a Better Story


If you have a message you passionately want to share with the world, if you are a      speaker, teacher, pastor, leader, then this book is for you!

If you are NOT any of the above - then this book is for YOU!!  All of us have people in our lives who we want to connect and communicate better with:
husbands, wives, children, grandchildren, friends, neighbors, work employees, customers, community clubs, groups, church, etc.  We have people.  We have influence.  (Even in this time of “social distancing”)  What are we doing with that?  How are our communication skills?  Do we draw people to us and have true
understanding between us?

     “Tell me a fact and I’ll listen
      Tell me a truth and I’ll learn.
      But tell me a story,
      And It will live in my heart forever.”     
                     Native American Wisdom

Each one of us has hard-won knowledge and wisdom from our life’s journey.  We understand that the trials and hardships we have endured were a part of our character development; part of making us who we are today.  Our hurts and disappointments can be transformed into sources of power as we overcame, and we can encourage and relate to to others. We can be authentic with others and share with them not just “information but illumination.”  We must touch people emotionally, in the soul, to truly connect.  We must seek to discover the common ground with people we are wanting to connect with and build on that common ground to create greater connection.

We can share stories that are deeply rooted in who we are.  To tell a story well is not to just “recall” it but to “relive” it by putting yourself back there in it and tell it from there.  This authenticity draws people into the story.

This book shares lots of practical information in preparing to speak to transform people, not to just give out information, but the heart of this book is about making connection in communication, and we all need that!

I have 7 dear grandchildren I want to connect with to encourage them for good, from the heart, in a way they can relate to and understand, with love.  I think this quote applies not only to audiences but to all those we come in contact with:

                                            “They may not remember what you said,
                               but they’ll remember how you made them feel.”

Let’s “tell a better story!”

With love,

PS  With all the lockdown and social distancing, I am using the Marco Polo app to leave video messages for the grandkids and making Youtubes of things we can do together even when while we are apart.  I am sending cards, drawing, etc.  I sometimes us an app called “TouchNote” in which you can create cards or postcards with photos etc and they will print and mail them for you!  I am sure you have creative ideas you are doing to stay connected with your loved ones during this time too.  I would LOVE to hear what you are doing!  Please SHARE your ideas with us in the comments section on this blog on my website.  HERE!  🙂

Discover Your “One Word” for 2017




I so loved the “One Word” Retreat last year at Selah Among the Hills.  We had such a good time hearing from God for our “One Word” for 2016 and time together using mixed-media to express that Word. My Word was “FLY.”

I looked at this Word often throughout the year and it certainly was a year of “Flying” and freedom into the things/dreams God has put on my heart.(ie. Mission trip to Thailand and Singapore with Randy Clark/Global Awakening to the Revive Asia Conference, 3 weeks in Les Cayes, Haiti with Catherine Roux , loving kids in the village feeding program, the hospital, and teaching 25 street boys some new skills to help create sustainable income.  We are also moving forward with the Healing Rooms to have the first Thursday of the month open to the public for prayer and mobile teams to go out to pray for others on the other Thursdays.  I also have continued to use art with the residents at Camelot Nursing Home.)

So what is your One Word for 2017?  I found a book that uses this concept.  It is “One Word that Will Change Your Life.”

” Each year resolutions are rarely kept and goals are often easily forgotten but One Word sticks.  By living a single word that is meant for you, you’ll find renewed purpose and meaning throughout the year and achieve laserlike focus and power for your life.  ONE WORD FOR ONE YEAR.”

The Process is 3 steps:
1.  Prepare Your Heart - Look In.  Disengage from the hectic pace of life.  Unplug.  Stop.  Get Quiet.  Ask “What do I need?” “What’s in my way?”  “What needs to go?”

2.  Discover Your Word - Look Up.  Plug in to God.  Seek God.  Listen.  Ask Him - “What do you want to do in me and through me?”  He will reveal youR word to you.  Get a “God” word.

3.  Live Your Word - Look Out.  Apply your Word to every area of life.  Take Action.  Live your Word with purpose and passion every day in 2017!  This one Word can have spiritual, physical, emotional, relational, mental, and financial impact!

Read the book.  Visit

And join me on a cyber retreat - “One Word 2017”!! Stay tuned for the details!

2017 is going to be a year of



Here are some interesting free downloads:

Bible Journaling with Rebekah Jones

God still Works Miracles by Randy Clark - free download to the first 25 people

7 Days of Healthy Living by Beni Johnson - free download to the first 25 people








It’s Time for a New Book!


“Heavy Rain”

by Kris Vallotton

(This book is updated and revised from “How Heaven Invades Earth.”  The release of “Heavy Rain” is a timely release for the Church for this moment in time.)

I read this books when it first came out, but I agree with Kris that is more timely and so relevant in light of all that is going on in the Kingdom and the world today. It is very deep and discusses lots of subjects near to my heart beginning with the premise that Jesus expects us to walk in signs and wonders and to work toward and believe in His prayer that God’s will be done on earth as it is in Heaven and that the miracles are a”catalyst to cultural transformation fueled by revival.” The idea of presenting to people the 2 kingdoms in contrast between the sick/diseased/possessed/dead and the healed / freed / living!

I found it very interesting and intriguing when Kris discussed his belief and word from the Lord that His Church is moving from denominationalism to apostleships; moving from unity around doctrine to unity as families. I am excited about this and find it so fascinating that I detected this as I began to follow Bill Johnson, Randy Clark and Heidi Baker. They embrace people across denominational lines to join together, to equip, and to move forward into the supernatural, ministry, gifts, and into the ministry and the Harvest of the world. It is not about control but empowerment. We live in such an exciting time!!

“Heavy Rain” also addresses the practical. To become a cultural catalyst, a thermostat instead of a thermometer, “we must gain influence by being valued by the gatekeepers of the environment. We only have a much influence in people’s lives as they place value on us.” I loved hearing some of the
details of how Bethel has pursued to transform Redding from their first meetings with the city manager, giving 10% of the people’s tithe to the city,later they returned to put 2000 students to work doing whatever they could to help Redding to become amazing! A couple of years later the city
commissioned them to build a park, and later when the City Council decided to close the Convention Center, Bethel Church wanted to buy it and run it as a service to the community with the ministry school paying to rent it. Amazing and beautiful to see the Church actually transforming a city! I
want to see that! I want to be and to see the Church influence society in such away that people are drawn to us. We have answers, creative solutions, and wisdom! May we be known for our love rather than for condemnation. May we be irresistible. May we help people to encounter God.

I also was intrigued by the discussion about Iraq in the overthrow of Saddam Hussein in 37 days but it is taken years and lives trying to establish a democracy in a region that has been dominated by tyranny for 100s of years. Kris states that “The greatest challenge of replacing a dictatorship with a democracy is teaching people who have lived in virtual slavery how to make healthy choices for themselves and by themselves.. .. who don’t know how to behave in a culture of freedom and so construct other prisons for themselves.” In working with Haiti, I am so wanting to see the Kingdom transform Haiti into the jewel of God that it truly is. It is still all about loving people from the heart and bringing out the best

in them.

I highly recommend this book.  It will challenge you and the Church today to bring Kingdom transformation to the world.  The Church is the catalyst for miraculous change in the world.  Let us steward well what we have responsibility for.  “We are to be people of hope, no matter the circumstances.  Jesus has a victorious plan in place!”  Bill Johnson

 We live in exciting times!!

Blessings as you seek to bring “God’s will on earth as it is in Heaven!”


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