Merry Christmas 

to Friends & Family!

I hope 2017 is closing up on a joyful time of love and peace
for you and your family!
Here are some wonderful links I wanted to share with you!

1.  Check out the “20 Alternatives to Mindless Scrolling” by Flora Bowling at
       #8 Try this music instead –
      #11 instead of using this new age meditation, hook into the
God of Peace & Love and meditate on a word from Him!
Ask God for a scripture – speak it out loud, memorize it, sing it, etc.
Meditate on God’s Word to you!

2. This is a newsletter I get from Dr. Debbie. Start Somewhere Wellness.
It always has a nice variety of health info,recipes, and sometimes art activities.
   This month’s health article is
“Be nice to Your Brain – Avoid the Carb Coma.”

3.  Beautiful a ccappella rendition of Mary Did you know by Pentatonix 

4. Need some “grit” for 2018?  Check out this article by James Clear:

This is a great article, just remember that the Jesus is the “author and finisher of our faith!”  He is our strength.  We do not depend on our own!5.  Holiday Art Journaling with Carolyn Dube
 “Shaking off a bit of holiday stress in my art journal with the help of the rainbow. Whatever is on my mind ends up in my art journal, and since the holidays were top of mind, I created trees by cutting out book text. Using Gelatos and water, they became colorful trees.” Carolyn Dube

Blessings and Love,

MiMa Jane & PaPa Kevin with all the grandkids!
Merry Christmas!








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