Have you ever watched the kids’ “SuperBook - The First Christmas?”

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I just happened to see it when I was walking on the treadmill.
I was blown away!!

When Jesus was born it showed the angel speaking to the shepherds and an angel on a high mountain all the way up to the heavens, who began to blow the trumpet announcing that Jesus Christ was born.  The angels streamed out of heaven’s gates and flew to earth to see and to sing!  It was truly GLORIOUS!  To realize that the angels were yearning to see King Jesus born/manifested on the earth and the beautiful JOY they expressed in worship.  

I had never really gotten that picture before.  It was magnificent.  I worshiped too as I realized just what it meant and the tremendous release of JOY at the actual event coming to pass that God had planned so many years ago and the prophets had prophesied.  All of Heaven was waiting, as well as earth.

 All of creation looks to You, Jesus, and gets their JOY from You as You accomplish all Your purposes and establish YOUR KINGDOM!  

May He open our eyes to see beyond this world. The “god of this world” is NO comparison to our God, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

Have an absolutely wonderful Christmas!

PS.  Take a look at the dvd with your children or grandchildren.  It was awesome!  🙂

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