If you have a message you passionately want to share with the world, if you are a      speaker, teacher, pastor, leader, then this book is for you!

If you are NOT any of the above - then this book is for YOU!!  All of us have people in our lives who we want to connect and communicate better with:
husbands, wives, children, grandchildren, friends, neighbors, work employees, customers, community clubs, groups, church, etc.  We have people.  We have influence.  (Even in this time of “social distancing”)  What are we doing with that?  How are our communication skills?  Do we draw people to us and have true
understanding between us?

     “Tell me a fact and I’ll listen
      Tell me a truth and I’ll learn.
      But tell me a story,
      And It will live in my heart forever.”     
                     Native American Wisdom

Each one of us has hard-won knowledge and wisdom from our life’s journey.  We understand that the trials and hardships we have endured were a part of our character development; part of making us who we are today.  Our hurts and disappointments can be transformed into sources of power as we overcame, and we can encourage and relate to to others. We can be authentic with others and share with them not just “information but illumination.”  We must touch people emotionally, in the soul, to truly connect.  We must seek to discover the common ground with people we are wanting to connect with and build on that common ground to create greater connection.

We can share stories that are deeply rooted in who we are.  To tell a story well is not to just “recall” it but to “relive” it by putting yourself back there in it and tell it from there.  This authenticity draws people into the story.

This book shares lots of practical information in preparing to speak to transform people, not to just give out information, but the heart of this book is about making connection in communication, and we all need that!

I have 7 dear grandchildren I want to connect with to encourage them for good, from the heart, in a way they can relate to and understand, with love.  I think this quote applies not only to audiences but to all those we come in contact with:

                                            “They may not remember what you said,
                               but they’ll remember how you made them feel.”

Let’s “tell a better story!”

With love,

PS  With all the lockdown and social distancing, I am using the Marco Polo app to leave video messages for the grandkids and making Youtubes of things we can do together even when while we are apart.  I am sending cards, drawing, etc.  I sometimes us an app called “TouchNote” in which you can create cards or postcards with photos etc and they will print and mail them for you!  I am sure you have creative ideas you are doing to stay connected with your loved ones during this time too.  I would LOVE to hear what you are doing!  Please SHARE your ideas with us in the comments section on this blog on my website.  HERE!  🙂

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