Hello, Fellow Readers!!
WOW!  My apologies in being negligent to this blog about books!  I could say 2019 was a wild year personally and also very busy with the development of Empowered Women Create and my work in Cambodia, BUT I Never stopped reading!!  I love books so much I am trying to slow down my purchases by limiting myself to used books and less of those!  LOL!  My focus is to read what I have!

So I am going to be posting about some really great books.  Be sure to comment below and SHARE about the great books YOU are reading!! 

“The Year of Less – How I Stopped Shopping, Gave Away My Belongings,
and Discovered Life is Worth More than Anything You Can Buy in the Store”
By Cait Flanders 2018

  Cait has an inspiring story of how she has overcome many difficulties in her life, including:  drinking, compulsive eating, compulsive shopping, and TV.

She decided to do a shopping ban on new clothes, shoes, accessories, books, magazines, and household items.  She allowed herself to buy consumables such as food, toiletries, and gas, and to replace anything broken or worn if would trash or donate the item.  She only ate out on occasion.  She got rid of everything she did not use.

“When you want less, you consume less, and you need less money.”  Cait

Cait began to realize that she had enough and that she was enough.

“When you feel like bingeing, it’s usually because some part of you or your life feels like it’s lacking — and nothing you can drink, eat,                                        or buy can fix it.”  Cait

Cait will take you on her journey and give you practical steps on how you can do it                                                       too or a modified version of it.

This book was an encouragement to me as Kevin and I are downsizing.  I am going through all the “stuff” accumulated in 43 years of marriage.  I love to give and would like to be able to give more, so her practical advice concerning purchases etc. was inspiring.  This book also encourages contentment and gratefulness for what you have.

I hope you are all doing well and navigating these crazy times!  Let’s take the positive and enjoy and use the extra time we have for creative projects etc. and of course, READING!!


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